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Dongguan Diyou is a new brand of testing instrument products. We have established many "excellent" reputations in more than ten years, from the development of the first LCR measuring instrument to the new production of high-efficiency and multi-functional integrated tester products. We understand that if the company continues to invest in the research and development of cutting-edge technology, your trust in Diyou Instruments will continue to increase.


Dongguan Diyou strives to make breakthroughs in technology, so that our products can obtain the test values you need in a very short time. Our products provide a variety of accessories and fixtures for customers' individual different manufacturing process requirements. You will find the accuracy, high quality and reliability that our products provide you.


When designing every test instrument, we always take the customer as the consideration. All simple operation methods, logical function menus, automatic features, requirements for accessories and fixtures, and clear and easy-to-understand operating instructions can make you feel If it is laborious, you can use our measuring instruments.


Customer satisfaction is the primary purpose of Diyou product design. We want you to believe that Huatong's products are worth the money. At a reasonable price, you can get a product that can be trusted, durable, and will not be eliminated by time.


In addition to manufacturing and selling high-quality instruments, Diyou also provides perfect customer service with great care. You can contact our customer service hotline, and there will be someone to answer any questions you have about use.

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