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A brief introduction to the DC overlap test system

2019-05-22 11:40:18

The DC overlap test system is a combined test system that includes an LCR meter and a DC overlap current source. This DC overlap test system integrates the 3252/3302 series of automatic parts analyzers, the 1320 series of DC overlap current sources, and other major hardware test equipment. The 3252/3302 series of automatic parts analyzers can directly control the output of the DC superimposed current source. Broad test specification environment, top current up to 100A DC overlap, meet the test requirements of different application environments such as RD, QC, QA, etc., and provide economical procurement options. The system is designed for large direct current, and the maximum current is 100A. The low ESR (<10m ohm) design is adopted for the connection between DC superimposed current sources, which reduces heat generation and improves the accuracy of measurement results. And with a multi-functional four-terminal test fixture, it can measure a variety of DUTs, including SMD DUT, DIP ring core DUT, etc. The system can provide Power Choke scanning feature analysis graphics through the connection software of the Windows operating environment or the scanning function of the LCR meter itself. Provide manual trigger or automatic trigger mode. Multi-point scanning DC overlap can analyze core characteristics, including inductance quality inspection and product function analysis.


High efficiency, forward and reverse current switching and scanning function

High system stability, frequency response: 20Hz to 1MHz

High accuracy, 3% output current accuracy

Strong scalability, amplifying the top flow to 100Adc

Assemble vertical system, easy to maintain

Flexible modular integration environment

Use multiple air intakes at the front and exhaust air with multiple sets of fans at the back to achieve a rapid heat removal effect

With multi-function four-terminal test fixture

Low ESR (< 10m ohm) design to connect DC overlapping current source

Provide online software for Windows operating environment



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