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About the maintenance process of the withstand voltage tester

2019-05-22 11:40:18

The withstand voltage test of the withstand voltage tester refers to the test of the withstand voltage capability of various electrical devices, insulating materials and insulating structures. Without destroying the performance of the insulating material, the process of applying a high voltage to the insulating material or insulating structure is called the withstand voltage test. Generally speaking, the main purpose of the withstand voltage test is to check the ability of the insulation to withstand working voltage or overvoltage, and then to check whether the insulation performance of the product equipment meets the safety standards.

Notes for withstand voltage tester:

(1) A three-hole power socket must be used, and the ground must be good.

(2) The grounding of the withstand voltage tester must be reliably connected to the power ground.

(3) Operators should wear insulating gloves, and there should be insulating pads under their feet.

(4) Turn the "Voltage Adjustment" knob fully counterclockwise before turning on the power of the instrument.

(5) Before preset various functions, the instrument should be in the "reset" state.

(6) Do not touch the DUT and test leads in the test state of the withstand voltage tester.

(7) Do not artificially short-circuit the output high-voltage terminal with the chassis or ground wire to avoid damage to the instrument.

(8) In the unlikely event of an accident, the power supply should be cut off immediately.

(9) Check and repair immediately when the indicator light or alarm fails.

(10) When using remote control test, the operation should be extra careful to avoid danger.

How to maintain the withstand voltage tester. First of all, ensure that the machine is clean and clean the dust regularly; each time you use it, check whether the current of the power interface is normal and whether there is any leakage; pay attention to the status of the indicator when you turn on the machine, and the indicator will light up after you turn on; pay attention to it before and after each use Cut off the power to prevent the circuit from aging; when the tester is working, the alarm should be cut off in time, and sent to the factory for repair, do not continue to use, to prevent life danger; do not let non-related in the process of use Personnel approach or operate in order to avoid accidents; pay attention to waterproofing, do not let the machine touch water, if it is spilled with water, be sure to cut off the power, dry with a hair dryer, and then let the vent to dry for a while; Put on operating gloves and put an insulating rubber mat on the bottom of the tester.

The withstand voltage tester is an instrument for measuring the withstand voltage strength. It can intuitively, accurately, quickly and reliably test the breakdown voltage, leakage current and other electrical safety performance indicators of various tested objects, and can be used as an AC (direct) high current The voltage source is used to test the performance of the components and the whole machine. It is suitable for various household appliances, power supplies, cables, transformers, terminal blocks, high-voltage bakelite appliances, switching power supply plug sockets, motors, electronic instruments, meters, complete machines, etc., as well as the safe withstand voltage and leakage current testing of strong current systems, It is also an indispensable pressure test equipment for scientific research laboratories and technical supervision departments.



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