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Sharing about the measurement error reduction of the withstand voltage tester depends on the calibration

2020-07-25 09:03:22

The withstand voltage tester is a universal high-voltage test instrument, which is widely used in the withstand voltage test of electrical equipment, bakelite appliances, transformer power cords, electric energy meters, motors, power plugs and sockets, cables, etc., and the withstand voltage of various electronic and electrical products Testing. Following the establishment of safety standards in various countries, the withstand voltage tester has become an indispensable withstand voltage tester for manufacturers of various household appliances and various electronic products. The basic principle of the withstand voltage tester: apply a voltage higher than the normal operation to the insulator of the equipment under test, and continue for a regular moment. If the insulation in between is good enough, the voltage applied to it will only produce very high voltage. Small leakage current. If the insulator of a device under test maintains its leakage current within the specified range at a regular time, it can be determined that the device under test can operate safely under normal operating conditions.

Features of the withstand voltage tester:

Display method digital display.

It can show the leakage current value on the tested item during the test.

With time preset and display, test time.

The alarm current value can be set arbitrarily.

The output waveform is 50Hz sine wave or DC.

The pressure tester is classified as a precision instrument. It is easy to use, simple to operate, and convenient to read. Look at the explanation book before use. Generally, you can use it without guidance. When not in use, the battery is required to be removed to prevent battery decay when not in use for a long time. Damage to the instrument. Others clarify that the product shell is plastic, light and sensitive to use, and the display part is liquid crystal display, clear and clear, and the keys are sensitive. Convenient operation. When using the withstand voltage tester, be careful not to put it in a humid environment, not to fall, and not to be damaged by humans. The warranty period is 1 year. The transaction stated that the form of delivery is generally express delivery, and the flow of heavier product shipments. Remote areas need special declarations. Avoid not receiving the product after sending, which may cause unnecessary trouble.



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